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The raw material PU, i.e. polyurethane, is a polymer resulting from the polymerization of multifunctional isocyanates with polyols. It is obtained from unprocessed crude oil. It is used, among others, in the production of elastic fibers such as elastane, which are then used for the production of outdoor, trekking and work clothing, as well as any other clothing where comfort of use and no motor and motor restrictions are important.

The most important advantages of PU include:

  • ease of use (skin-friendly, pleasant to touch)
  • moisture permeability and water resistance at the same time
  • high extensibility
  • durability

Polyurethanes are easier to process than polyamides due to their lower fusibility, therefore their use is much greater. Commonly used PU coated materials are very popular, for example in upholstery. The PU coating is a material that imitates leather – the so-called “Eco leather”.

PU material provides a wide range of adjusting its flexibility to our needs, and also allows us to influence which external factors it is to be resistant to. Outerwear with the use of PU will be perfect in all weather conditions by adjusting their properties to protect against moisture and resistance to cold.