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Distributor’s Area – Complaints Policy

How to start the complaint procedure?

Högert Technik tools are covered by a 2-year material and manufacturing defects guarantee. Some of the Högert Technik products have an extended warranty period. For a complete list of products with a lifetime and 25-year warranty, click here.

We start the complaint procedure upon the reporting of a defective product at the point of sale where the Högert Technik tool was purchased. Complaints will be considered if the product is provided with proof of purchase of the goods.

What are the following stages of the complaint procedure?

1. The Högert Technik tool distributor fills in the complaint form (please download). A copy of the proof of purchase of the goods is attached to the application. Complaints submitted otherwise will not be considered.

2. The Distributor forwards the complaint by e-mail to the address of the Customer Service Office – Complaints Department: Distributors based outside the territory of the Republic of Poland shall submit a complaint via the Market Supervisor.

3. An example of a correctly completed protocol is presented on the right.

4. The Complaints Department verifies the application, notifies the Distributor about the acceptance of the complaint, and assigns a number thereto. We handle each complaint individually, therefore the service technician presents a proposal for further proceedings – they may, for example, ask for the goods to be returned to the GTV headquarters.

5. The goods covered by the warranty are returned by the Distributor at the expense of GTV, via a courier company. The consignment note is sent to the e-mail address indicated in the complaint protocol. The Distributor is obliged to return the goods in the original packaging or, if not available – in a replacement packaging, to protect the goods against damage in transit. The consignment note must be affixed to the package.

6. If the complaint is complete and has been filed in accordance with the Procedure, the decision regarding the complaint will be resolved within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt thereof. The goods may be repaired, replaced or – if the model is no longer available – replaced with a product with similar parameters. If we are unable to provide a suitable replacement, we will do our best to offer you a satisfactory solution, e.g. a refund.

What should I know before filling in the complaint protocol?

The Distributor is obliged to precisely describe what, in their opinion, the defect of the goods is, so that the complaint may be considered by the Seller without undue delay caused by the need to determine the reasons for the complaint and the Distributor’s expectations. The distributor is obliged to provide a justification for the description of the reported defect in the goods, in particular if they claim that the goods do not have the properties that they should have due to the purpose specified in the contract or resulting from the circumstances or the intended use of the product.

Correctly filled in complaint protocol