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Högert Technik quality

The high strength and durability of Högert Technik tools are the result of many factors. The highest market standards are determined by the external and internal quality audits and by our own specialised workshops in which practical and mechanical tests are performed. The steel hardness tests, strength tests and inspections of wood materials by moisture meters are carried out within the framework of these tests. The loads that must be faced by our tools are much higher than assumed by the standards of recognised institutions. This is illustrated by the results of the tests performed in German independent organisations, such as TÜV Rheinland and VDE Certification Institute, that grant Högert Technik products the quality standards and certificates, among other things, GS, ISO, DIN or VDE, the most important to the hand tools.

Högert Technik tools hold the certificates and standards:

GS quality mark – granted by TÜV Rheinland, points out the lack of harmful substances, means also safe and reliable electric equipment. The quality requirements, met by GS-marked products, are determined by German safety regulations for devices and products.

OSA (Organisation for Safety Abrasive) – an international association of leading manufacturers of abrasives. The organisation ensures the increased safety level for the user.

ISO – the International Organisation for Standardization that standardises and sets standards. The fulfilment of individual ISO standards is dependent on the results of audits performed by independent inspectors.

DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung) – the institute that standardises and sets standards. The fulfilment of DIN standards means that the production process meets the high standards, while the product itself ensures the compatibility with commonly used technologies.

VDE (Verband der Elektrotechnik) – the marks granted by an independent certification institution, i.e. VDE from Germany. The marks are granted after restrictive series of tests, including live working. Thanks to this mark the user knows that a specific tool, properly used, is safe.

„My Högert” program

The workmanship and usage safety of the tools are also ensured by “My Högert” program. Högert Technik products are made accessible to joinery and construction companies from all over Poland for testing and gathered opinions on mechanical, physical and aesthetic properties are analysed. Finally, models, then improved categories, are created.
Advice received from individual customers is essential as well. Before the new products are launched onto the market, the samples for testing are sent to the selected users registered in “My Högert” zone. Obtained information affects the further development of assortment.

Extended Högert Technik guarantee

Selected Högert Technik tools sets and products receive lifetime warranty or 25 year warranty. This extended warranty applies only within the European Union. The warranty covers manufacturing and material defects of products created and disclosed during the warranty period solely for the reasons inherent in these products. Clothing, footwear and OHS accessories are covered by a 2 year warranty in the EU and Eastern markets.

Warranty policy

List of Högert Technik products with lifetime guarantee of quality

List of Högert Technik products with 25 year guarantee of quality

Complaint protocol