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We are proud to present our latest collection of occupational safety and health clothing and accessories for the spring-summer season. In response to the expectations of our customers, we are pleased to announce that we have introduced new products to our offer, which combine the highest quality of workmanship, modern design, and innovative solutions. Our new collection has been created with the aim of providing comprehensive protection at work, regardless of the conditions. Discover what’s new in the categories below:

New in Body Protection Category

We understand that comprehensive body protection during daily duties is essential, so our latest offer focuses not only on safety but also on the comfort of use. Our outdoor clothing solutions are designed with maximum comfort and freedom of movement in mind. We have introduced unique systems, such as the PRE-BENT LEG SYSTEM and the WAIST SYSTEM, which aim to increase wearing comfort.


  • elastic protective jacket
  • elastic protective bib trausers
  • elastic protective trausers
  • elastic 3/4 protective trousers
  • elastic shorts

BEELITZ (Coming soon to our offer)

  • elastic sweatshirt
  • elastic trausers


  • elastic protective coverall
  • elastic protective bib trausers
  • elastic protective 3/4 trousers

ESDORF (Coming soon to our offer)

  • protective jeans trausers


  • shorts with pockets


  • T-shirt


  • shorts

New in Clothing Accessories Category

Clothing accessories are an essential part of every professional’s equipment. In our new collection, you will find products that not only enhance your safety but also emphasize a professional appearance.

AUSSER (Coming soon to our offer)

  • PVC raincoat


  • baseball cap


  • tool vest


  • tool pocket

New in High-Visibility Clothing Category

Safety is our priority, which is why our new collection of high-visibility clothing provides exceptional visibility and protection in any environment. Understanding the importance of wearing comfort as well, we are increasingly opting for poly-cotton material for our T-shirts, which combines durability with comfort, offering users the best of both worlds.


  • High-visibility T-shirt

GRATZ (Coming soon to our offer)

  • High-visibility T-shirt

New in Leg Protection Category

Your legs deserve the best protection. Our latest footwear not only guarantees safety but also offers high work comfort. We are proud to introduce modern solutions that represent a significant step in the development of the protective clothing industry. Among them, the LACE SYSTEM deserves special recognition.


  • safety shoes LACE SYSTEM


  • safety shoes LACE SYSTEM


  • light safety shoes


  • PAGLAU safety sandals LACE SYSTEM


  • safety sandals

New in Head, Hearing, Eye, and Face Protection Category

Protection of the head, hearing, eyes, and face is crucial in many professions. Discover our new products that offer advanced protection and comfort of use.


  • protective goggles


  • earplugs

New in Hand Protection Category

Hands are a tool of trade that require special protection. We are expanding our range to include a new model available in a wide range of sizes from 4 to 11.

ULLER (Coming soon to our offer)

  • latex coated gloves

We invite you to explore the full offer of our new spring-summer collection. With a wide range of products, we are confident that everyone will find something to meet their individual needs and expectations. Our team of experts with ten years of experience in the occupational safety and health industry is at your disposal to help you choose the perfect products from our new collection.

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