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Specialising in hand tools dedicated to professional use, we are also actively developing the offer of tool storage systems. We are constantly looking for new solutions to meet the increasing demands of our users, and above all, to improve their work and ensure comfort during everyday duties. Mobile systems are particularly important solutions, especially for renovation, construction or installation teams, as they make it easier to transport tools when working on multiple sites, as well as to store them safely. They are also perfect as a mobile workshop or in logistics.
The latest solution in our portfolio is the modular box system. This is a practical solution for tool storage and organisation that saves time, space and money. The system allows for a simple and convenient arrangement of items, regardless of the location – construction site, workshop or warehouse.

Modularity: space-saving thanks to the intelligent modular connecting system, the boxes can be connected with each other, saving space and making it easier to organise.
Versatility: the modular box system adapts to the needs of users. With different sizes and configurations, the boxes can be used in a variety of industries and applications.
Reliability and durability: made of high-quality materials, the boxes are resistant to weather conditions, impacts and wear, ensuring long-term use.
Ease of use: lightweight and easy to use. Simply connect the selected elements with each other and you are done. No additional tools required.
The offer includes 13 separate products, compatible with selected elements within the entire system of modular boxes:

HT7G500 4-in-1 box set (HT7G501, HT7G502, HT7G503 and functional inner carrier)
HT7G501 Mobile tool box
HT7G502 Toolbox
HT7G503 Organiser with polycarbonate cover with cuvettes
HT7G504 Mobile transport platform
HT7G505 Low tool organiser
HT7G506 High tool organiser
HT7G507 Low suitcase organiser
HT7G508 High suitcase organiser
HT7G509 HTM BOX tool organiser
HT7G510 Organiser with compartments
HT7G511 Low box
HT7G512 High box

The boxes are made of high-quality materials, resistant to all kinds of damage. HT7G505, HT7G506, HT7G507 and HT7G508 organisers provide increased dust-proof and waterproof protection, while HT7G501, HT7G502, HT7G503, HT7G507, HT7G508, HT7G511 and HT7G512 boxes have durable ABS fasteners for increased durability and resistance to damage.

The modular toolbox system is a solution that helps professionals keep their tools organised, and its versatility, space saving and durability make it the perfect choice for anyone looking for a new way to organise their tools. Check how easy and efficiently you can organise your space by choosing a modular tool storage system.

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