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4-Way Stretch fabric is a unique type of fabric that combines the ability to stretch lengthwise and crosswise while maintaining its original dimensions. The quick-drying material, which evaporates moisture almost immediately, has gained popularity in the production of protective clothing used in various industries.

Fabric features:

  • Elasticity and comfort
    4-Way Stretch fabric is extremely elastic, which allows for full freedom of movement. Its ability to “return” to its original shape makes clothing made of this material extremely comfortable.
  • Durability
    4-Way Stretch material is a guarantee of durability. It is tear and abrasion resistant, making it an ideal choice for those who are looking for protective clothing that must withstand extreme conditions.
  • Breathability
    Despite its strength and elasticity, the fabric is also breathable. It is an ideal solution for workers in the industrial sector who need protective clothing that provides them with hygienic and comfortable work.
  • Easy care
    Clothing made of 4-Way Stretch material is easy to clean and maintain. This is important for protective clothing that must be washed and disinfected regularly.

In the Hӧgert Technik OHS assortment, reinforcements made of 4-Way Stretch fabric are made in the following products:
TAUBER safety pants
TAUBER protective sweatshirt

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