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Extremely popular, especially in the outdoor industry, „Softshell” clothing (ang. Soft – soft, delicate) was created as a proposal for innovation in relation to the idea of “Hardshell” (ang. Hard – strong, hard). Softshell fabric was invented as a solution to replace two outer layers of outdoor clothing, right after thermoactive underwear: a warming layer and an outer layer – hardshell membrane, which protects against weather conditions. Shoftshell is a fabric that provides adequate breathability and protects against adverse weather conditions, and above all, it ensures comfort of use.

Owing to the fact that during outdoor activities we are more often exposed to wind than rain, omitting the membrane allows for better ventilation without reducing its windproof properties. In order to provide even minimal protection against rain, DWR impregnation is used, which provides a hydrophobic coating.

There are also jackets with an additional membrane available on the market, but they have much larger pores than the typical one – waterproof, thanks to which it is still a material better breathable than the “Hardshell” jacket, and at the same time it protects us from rain.

Softshell jackets can be used in most climatic conditions, in autumn and spring. They are perfect for many sports activities. We can choose from available models with different parameters of the insulation material, depending on the purpose of the jacket.

Solutions that proved successful in the outdoor industry quickly found application also in occupational health and safety clothing, ensuring comfortable work. When choosing the right jacket, remember about its proper fit. It should adhere well to the body, and also, if necessary, allow you to put on an additional warming layer.