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Recently, hermetic tool boxes for transporting products prone to damage in extremely difficult conditions have appeared in our offer. See what Paweł Trela is doing to check if the hermetic box will withstand everything.

…it was also blowing up…

Högert Technik tool box, thanks to its properties, will be perfect for transport of such products as photographic and optical equipment, laser measuring devices, power tools, weapon or fishing equipment. It will be applicable to off-road sports, sailing, fishing, and also in the photographic and construction industries.

  • waterproof and dustproof thanks to an EPDM gasket
  • very strong structure with additional ribs shock resistant
  • decompression valve
  • 3-point hinges
  • the inside of the suitcase is filled with a sponge insert that can be adjusted to the shape of the transported product
  • possibility of closing the suitcase with a padlock
  • 4 sizes: HT7G010 – 10.5″, HT7G011 – 14″, HT7G012 – 18.5″, HT7G018 – 16.5″